Books with a Character’s Name in the Title

Ready to meet some fascinating characters from books? Here’s a “library” of books that bear their character’s names right in the title! You’ll find coming-of-age stories, adventure narratives, mysteries, Gothic novels, picturesque novels, fantasy, nonfiction…you name it! The common theme is that all of these books have an important character’s name in the title. So step inside someone else’s story–whether that be a governess, an outlaw, an orphan, a farmer, even an animal!–and really get to know the character named in the title.

If you’re participating in our 2023 Classics Reading Challenge (and it’s never too late to join!) February’s prompt is to read a book with a character’s name in the title. Any of the books in the pre-1970 sections below would qualify!

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Classic Books with a Character’s Name in the Title (up to 1970)

Collage of Book Covers with Character's Names in the Title

More Book Lists and Book Characters

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Books with a Character\'s Name in the Title


  1. I’m reading David Copperfield for the first time.Wow! It would be an excellent choice for this category as well. Can’t recommend it highly enough!

  2. Have you ever read Tom Jones? It’s certainly one of the best novels ever written. It doesn’t strike you as such quickly…being, of course, a very long book…but it’s stunning by the end!

  3. Don’t skip the introductory chapters either (though he wouldn’t mind)…it’s all good! And he wasn’t joking when he said in the dedication that it was a moral book. Moral, entertaining, satisfying…and genius!

  4. Maid Marian by Thomas Love Peacock is similar to Ivanhoe and written around the same time (published 1822 but he claims that he wrote most of it before Ivanhoe was published) but 10 times better. Unlike Ivanhoe, it has plenty of humor, sympathy, and action.

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