Quiz: Which Charles Dickens Novel Should You Read?


Trying to decide which Charles Dickens book to read? Why not settle the matter with a quiz? Answer these questions and I’ll tell you which Charles Dickens novel you should read!

Statue of Charles Dickens holding a leaf, with overlay text that says "Quiz: Which Charles Dickens Novel Should You Read?"

Charles Dickens Quiz

With fifteen novels to his name, it’s hard to choose which Charles Dickens book you should start with…or which you should read next. There’s a wide range of opinion on which is his “best” novel; Great Expectations, Bleak House, David Copperfield, and A Tale of Two Cities get a lot of attention and love. And then there’s the not-very-talked-about novels like Martin Chuzzlewit or Barnaby Rudge that are big question marks for most of us, or the super-long novels like Little Dorrit or Dombey and Son that we wonder are worth our time (but of course they are!)

So, to give you a jumping off point, take this fun and very unscientific quiz to get paired with a Charles Dickens novel! When you’re done, share the quiz with other people who you feel ought to read more Dickens(;

And if you want an overview of all of Charles Dickens’s novels (and novellas), check out this post for a complete list of Charles Dickens books in order, with summaries.

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Quiz: Which Charles Dickens Novel Should You Read?

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