GazeboTV Review (and Coupon Code!): Family-Friendly Streaming Service for Period Drama


Want more wholesome, family-friendly shows to watch but DON’T want to pay for another subscription? GazeboTV is a pay-as-you-go streaming platform for period drama from Sullivan Entertainment. This post is sponsored by Sullivan Entertainment, and all opinions are quite my own. I received free content to help me prepare this review of GazeboTV.

Collage of GazeboTV movie stills from Lantern Hill and Wind at My Back

GazeboTV: The Streaming Platform for Family-Friendly Period Drama

Listen up, because I know that many of you Tea and Ink Society readers will be interested to learn this! Sullivan Entertainment, the production company behind the beloved 1985 Anne of Green Gables (staring Megan Follows), has its own streaming platform—GazeboTV! And yes, Sullivan Entertainment has made many more films besides their Avonlea content!

With the glut of content to sift through on Netflix, Hulu, Apple, and all the rest, it’s a headache to figure out what’s actually worth watching. I was delighted to find that there’s a streaming service that’s just dedicated to quality, old-fashioned period dramas. GazeboTV is my new go-to source for a cozy night in when I feel like watching a good story.

Now, you might be thinking that sounds great, but you don’t want to pay for yet another streaming subscription. You don’t have to! One of the things that makes GazeboTV unique is that there’s no monthly or yearly subscription fee (and there’s no ads or commercials). Simply browse the library of miniseries and movies and decide what you want to rent or buy.

I love the clean user interface of GazeboTV. I added the channel to my Roku so I can watch on the TV, but I also log in to watch on my laptop (and of course you can find the app via your phone’s app store, if you just love watching things on tiny screens). I’m a subtitle user, and it was a piece of cake to turn them on and off. I’m not sure if all of the shows offer subtitles yet, but at least the ones I’ve seen so far do!

Still from Road to Avonlea TV series - Sarah Stanley and her nannie sitting at the train station

What kind of content is available on GazeboTV?

GazeboTV is dedicated to period dramas and documentaries, most of which are very family-friendly. Many of the shows and movies are based on books, although they are sometimes titled differently from their book counterparts. You can get a taste of what GazeboTV has to offer by creating a free account. This will get you access to a variety of free content including sample episodes, behind-the-scenes footage, and cast interviews. (And there’s plans to add more free content later this year and into 2022.)

Here’s what’s available to rent or buy:

For fans of L. M. Montgomery, you can stream the entire Anne of Green Gables collection on GazeboTV. (Use code ELSIE to get $10 off the Anne trilogy!) You can also watch the lovely Road to Avonlea TV series (which is based on Montgomery’s novels The Story Girl and The Golden Road, as well as her Avonlea short story collections), Lantern Hill, and documentaries about L. M. Montgomery and about the making of the Anne and Road to Avonlea series.

If you want to immerse yourself in a multi-season period drama, watch Wind At My Back, a 1930s era family saga that spans five seasons, as well as a Christmas special.

For a family movie night, there’s various movies and miniseries to choose from including By Way of the Stars, Looking for Miracles, and Promise the Moon.

There are also a few darker dramas such as Sleeping Dogs Lie, Under the Piano, and Butterbox Babies. These have compelling storylines and talented actors, but you might want to save them for your grown-up movie night since they cover more intense themes.

Watch this trailer for an introduction to the world of GazeboTV:

GazeboTV Mini Reviews

Although I haven’t watched everything that’s available to stream on GazeboTV, I have watched a few things that I’d like to specifically highlight!

Jane of Lantern Hill

You already know I love Anne of Green Gables, and I’m delighted that the full versions are housed on GazeboTV! I was also eager to watch Lantern Hill, based on Montgomery’s 1937 novel Jane of Lantern Hill. Ages ago, I almost checked out the VHS from my local Blockbuster Video, but ended up deciding to re-watch Anne instead. I was curious about Lantern Hill ever since, though, and I’m so glad GazeboTV has made it available.

The book is a perfect little gem of a novel, but the movie felt a little disjointed to me. Some important expositionary elements from the novel—such as Jane’s impressions of Prince Edward Island, her father, and Lantern Hill—were glossed over too quickly in the movie. This might’ve been to make way for the added ghost story plotline. In my opinion, the psychic elements would be better suited to an Emily trilogy adaptation. By turning Lantern Hill into a ghost story, there was less screen time available for some of the delightful and moving scenes from the book.

However, I’d still wholeheartedly recommend watching Lantern Hill, especially if you’re longing for another trip to the world of L. M. Montgomery and the Island. I loved Mairon Bennett in her role as Jane. To their credit, the filmmakers didn’t try to cast Jane as a redux of Anne Shirley. She’s just like the Jane Stewart in the book—quiet and kindhearted, with an emerging bravery as the story progresses.

Looking for Miracles

This is an excellent movie, and one that I can foresee becoming a family favourite! At 6, 3, and 1, my kids aren’t quite the right age for it yet, but I’m looking forward to introducing it to them. (And I know my siblings and I would’ve canonized this if we’d watched it growing up!)

Based on a true story, it’s about 16-year-old Ryan Delaney, who lands a job as a head counselor at a boys’ summer camp—despite the fact that he’s never been to camp himself, is too young for the job, and can’t even swim or paddle a canoe! But for Ryan, it’s a golden opportunity…and his only hope. His family is hard-up for cash, and Ryan won’t be able to attend university if he doesn’t come up with something fast.

I love summer camp stories, and this one has all the antics and outdoorsy feels you could wish for! The cast is stellar, too; lead actor Greg Spottiswood won an Emmy for his role in this.

Wind At My Back

Set in Ontario in the 1930s, this TV series follows the Bailey family through ups and downs during the Great Depression. I didn’t read any episode synopses before starting the show, so I was caught off guard by the tragic turn in the pilot episode. However, that event sets the stage for the rest of the story, so once I made the mental shift I was eager to watch on.

Just like in Anne of Green Gables, the acting and period details in Wind At My Back are top notch, and you get easily drawn in to the lives of the characters. There’s lots of character growth across five seasons, making this a good unfolding journey to savor. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled before it was able to make a natural conclusion, but the follow-up movie Wind At My Back Christmas ties up some of the loose ends.

Movie stills from Anne of Green Gables trilogy

Giveaway!! Win the Anne of Green Gables Trilogy on GazeboTV!

Sullivan Entertainment is generously giving one Tea and Ink Society reader the complete Anne trilogy on GazeboTV! This includes the 1985 miniseries Anne of Green Gables, as well as Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, and Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. Use the form below to enter the giveaway (there are options for extra entries, too!) The winner will be announced here and contacted via email.

And a Discount for Everyone!

Sullivan Entertainment has also made a coupon code available to everyone! Use code ELSIE to get $10 off the Anne trilogy!

If you’re looking for a great way to watch period dramas online, GazeboTV should be your first stop!

What shows have you already seen from Sullivan Entertainment? What would you like to watch next?

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GazeboTV Review (and Coupon Code!): Family-Friendly Streaming Service for Period DramaGazeboTV Review (and Coupon Code!): Family-Friendly Streaming Service for Period Drama


  1. The Anne of Green Gables movies were my absolute favorite to watch as a teen. I was reminiscing about them just the other day. Now I’m glad to have a way to watch them again!

    1. I first watched them at my grandmother’s house when they had reruns on TV. I’m almost positive I watched at least the first one before I even read the book, but Anne’s stories go so far back for me that it’s difficult to remember!

  2. Which Anne of Greene Gables? Indeed! 🤭 Ann – with a E is too PC and progressive for my taste. It was evident within the first season. It has its merits, I suppose. I like the casting. A side from the subject matter, the casting is what drew me to it. The 1982 version of Anne will always be the one I choose. The Sullivans always capture the essence of what makes L.M.Montgomery’s writing special ( aside from Jane of Lantern Hill’s foray into the supernatural- and I still liked the movie!)
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful resource for wholesome entertainment GazeboT.V. is!

    1. You’re welcome!

      Yes, it’s abundantly clear that for the makers of Anne with an E, being true to the book was not their priority. Some viewers are totally okay with that, but it isn’t my preference!

      Montgomery wrote several ghost stories and has characters throughout her works that are blessed with ‘second sight’ so Lantern Hill pays tribute to that, I suppose.

  3. It’s nice to know your not alone.☺
    In regards to Jane of Lantern Hill, I believe you are correct. I’ve never read any of those ghost stories, that I recall except what may have been written into one of her novels. I do remember in one of the Emily books there is a story about a woman with second sight.

    1. Emily herself has several instances of second sight, too, including one where she’s able to right present-day wrongs and misunderstandings by shedding light on a past tragedy. Anne and Emily both display the redemptive power of being an outsider who’s able to bring reconciliation to years-old conflicts. Anne does this with her winning ways. Emily’s ways aren’t so winning, so her ability to set things right via her physic experiences make more sense for her personality (and the darker tone of her trilogy). Anyway, this is all a tangent but you got me thinking!

  4. I love the aesthetics and feelings that Gazebo TV’s ambiance is giving me. Its sort of like transporting me to different timelines in the past (which I definitely would love if only that’s actually possible). I have already seen the AGG series with the DVD set I bought years ago and “for gosh sake” (I’m sure you heard Diana Barry’s voice), WIND AT MY BACK set and ROAD TO AVONLEA set are quite expensive. I wish I would be able to watch them in God’s perfect time. I personally thank and I’m grateful for Mr. Kevin Sullivan and his team for their masterpieces! I truly am! God bless this blog as well and continue inspiring and helping readers here and beyond!

  5. This is like an answered prayer! My family and I have always wanted to watch the trilogy and now we have used the coupon. We’ve watched it so much and could not appreciate it more, Elsie!!! Thanks so much

  6. The only reason to google more info on Gazebo is for someone to tell us how much it costs to rent/watch the content, since this is not disclosed on the Gazebo site. It’s the ONE thing that would have been valuable… and the one thing you DIDN’T tell us!

    1. Hi Derek, there are actually a number of search terms related to Gazebo that land people on this post, but I can see how the information you mentioned would be useful! I will look into that and update the post to make it more valuable for future Googlers. At this point, I can tell you that the price to rent or purchase content on Gazebo varies by title and runtime. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment…but next time, please do so in a more courteous manner.

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