Lovely Gift Ideas for Anne of Green Gables Fans


These Anne of Green Gables inspired gifts make the perfect present for any fan of L. M. Montgomery’s novels. Put them on your own wish list or gift them to a kindred spirit!

Megan Follows as Anne Shirley - holding her carpet bag at the train station in Bright River

Anne of Green Gables Gift Ideas

More often than not, we bookworms are proud of the books we love. I’m happy to identify myself as a fan of Dickens…Charlotte BronteAgatha ChristieLouisa May Alcott.

And L. M. Montgomery. Always Montgomery. I have a growing collection of her books, and they look good on my shelf. But I don’t simply leave them there. Year after year, Montgomery’s novels find their way into my reading repertoire. They’re some of my favourite books to reread. Thoroughly steeped as I am in her world of Prince Edward Island, a Montgomery-inspired gift is almost always a sure bet for me come Christmas or birthday time!

If you have an Anne fan in your life (or you are one yourself!) see if one of these gift ideas is a good fit. I’m asking for #4 myself(: And more of #6!

9 Gift Ideas for Fans of Anne of Green Gables

The Anne of Green Gables cookbook - floral illustration with tea treats and tea service

1. The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook by Kate Macdonald

This is a gorgeous cookbook, full of photographs and illustrations, and written by L. M. Montgomery’s granddaughter. You’ll find recipes from three of the Anne books, as well as a few from Montgomery’s own kitchen. Note: This was originally published in the ’80s, but this new version is expanded!

Anne of Green Gables books boxed set

2. Anne of Green Gables boxed set

A boxed set of the 8 complete Anne books actually isn’t too expensive! The one I pictured here is currently only $26 on Amazon. If you know someone who loves Anne but hasn’t read the full series, this will be a treat…all of the books are wonderful!

Three canisters of loose leaf tea with an Anne of Green Gables theme

3. Anne of Green Gables Tea

The Shop at Sullivan has several beautiful teas inspired by Anne of Green Gables. Sip “Avonlea Afternoon” or “Raspberry Cordial” while you read the books! (Use the code ELSIE to get 10% off, sitewide.)

The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables book - color photograph of flowers on Prince Edward Island

4. The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables by Catherine Reid

I got this one for Christmas! Released in 2018, the book takes you on a visual journey of Prince Edward Island. The author explores the life of Montgomery through her journals, scrapbooks, and photographs, giving you a deeper appreciation both for her and for Anne. It’s the next best thing to visiting the Island in person.

"Carrots" candle inspired by Anne of Green Gables

5. A bookish, Anne-inspired candle

Let these scents whisk you away to Avonlea! Try “Pomander” at Christmas, “Be Kind” in spring, “The Lady of Shallot” in summer, and “Carrots” to go with fall.

Emily of New Moon book cover - Girl in a red dress reading under an apple tree

6. Other novels by L. M. Montgomery

Unlike some of the other authors I love (i.e. Charlotte Bronte!) Montgomery was quite prolific. She has many other captivating novels and short story collections that are a treat for any Anne fan. There’s the Emily trilogy, two Pat of Silver Bush novels, and a few stand-alones such as Jane of Lantern Hill (which I reviewed over here). For short story collections, check out The Road to Yesterday, which features stories about the Blythe’s neighbours, and Among the Shadows, which deals in ghostly and supernatural tales.

Many of Montgomery’s books have gotten new editions lately, and there are some gorgeous covers to choose from! I’m one of those readers who finds book covers important, so I definitely take those aesthetics into consideration. Some of the new covers capture their contents perfectly; although I do have a soft spot for the old Mass Market paperbacks I grew up with! Browse editions on Amazon to see which ones evoke the stories for you.

Pink and silver tin of Anne of Green Gables metal bookmarkers

7. Anne of Green Gables bookmark set

These twelve Anne-themed bookmarks are stainless steel and come in a nice tin. They remind me of book darts with a little more personality.

Meadow-themed floral journal

8. A journal

A beautiful, whimsical journal is an apt gift for anyone who shares Anne Shirley’s love of writing. If you haven’t seen them before, take a look at the gorgeous journals from Peter Pauper Press. They definitely look like something Anne would’ve cherished to record all her imaginings. This one is a reproduction of a 1905 bookbinding (Anne was published in 1908). This one looks like a moonlit walk down Lover’s Lane, and this one is summer on the Island.

These journals are not officially Anne themed, they just remind me of Montgomery’s heroines! For an Anne of Green Gables-themed journal, this leather-bound edition would make a great gift.

Travel poster inspired Avonlea art print - red road leading to Green Gables farm

9. An Anne of Green Gables art print

Etsy has so many lovely Anne-themed art prints and quotes! There’s one that looks like a vintage travel poster, and here’s a silhouette that contains the entire text of the novel as the backdrop! The Shop at Sullivan also has a wide collection of AoGG quotes and Avonlea scenes, including a Maxfield Parrish print of Green Gables!

Boxed set of paperback Anne of Green Gables series - pastel colored spines

For a thoughtfully-curated collection of Anne and Avonlea inspired gifts, visit the Shop at Sullivan (yes, this is from the Sullivan Entertainment that created the beloved 1985 Anne of Green Gables miniseries!). You can use the code ELSIE to get 10% off your order!

What are your gift suggestions for fans of Anne of Green Gables?

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  1. I have the Anne of Green Gables cookbook. Somebody gave it to me as a kid, it got overused right along with my American Girl party planning book. Definitely a great gift!

  2. Wow, what a great list! I’ll have to get some of those bookmarks. And my mom would love that cookbook! Does it, perhance, have recipes for plum puffs, raspberry cordial, plum pudding and/or liniment-flavored cake? (But without the liniment). Anyway, thanks for posting this list, I’ll definitely be referring back here for birthdays and Christmas!!

    1. Oh yes, the cookbook is great! It includes recipes for things mentioned in the books, as well as things the PEI folks would’ve eaten back then. But no liniment or mice-in-the-sauce are recommended(;

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